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Thinking of Getting Married in Vegas?

GET INSTANT ACCESS to a listing of

827+ Vegas Wedding Packages
Available at hundreds of Vegas Chapels, Casinos, Resorts & Wedding Vendors!

Full details (website, telephone, contact info, package details, pricing) included
for each of the 827 Wedding Packages!

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Getting Married in Vegas is EASY With 


From the Desk of Les Tyler (Married in Vegas 2010)

Dear Bride-to-Be;

Congratulations on your engagement! 

So you're thinking about getting married in Las Vegas?
  You've definitely made the right choice!

My hubby and I got married last fall in Las Vegas and we had a spectacular time with 18 of our closest friends and family there to share the special moment with us (c'mon, it's Vegas!  Who wouldn't have a good time?!).

I can't tell you enough how much fun we had getting married in Las Vegas!  Seriously, I definitely recommend Vegas to all soon-to-be Brides.

It's fun, it's fast and it's a whole heck of a lot less expensive than your traditional wedding ceremony & reception (more money for shopping, shows and slots!)

                                    (Photos Courtesy of Wee Kirk O' The Heather Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas)

The only thing that nearly drove me crazy was trying to find a reputable wedding package vendor and trying to plan all of the wedding details from out of town. 

Did you know that there are at least 827 Las Vegas wedding packages available from a variety of different chapels, hotels, casinos and resorts to choose from?!  Well I sure didn’t … until I started to look for a wedding package for planning our upcoming nuptials in Las Vegas.

It took me FOREVER to sort through all of the Vegas companies offering wedding services!  And I do mean, forever ...

I probably spent a good month online searching for Vegas wedding packages, scanning wedding websites, reviews, testimonials, package details, pricing and so on!

When you're on a timeline, it's nerve-wracking trying to visit all of the chapel wedding sites, casino wedding sites, resort wedding sites and all other vendor wedding sites all at once.

I know a month of research might not seem like much time to you gals who are planning a traditional wedding, but for us Vegas Brides, most of us simply don’t have the time to go through each vendor individually.

While I was exhausted by the time I found a package that was suitable for us, we ended up having a gorgeous ceremony at Valley of Fire and it truly was the happiest day of my life.  Fortunately, everything worked out just wonderfully and all of our guests had an amazing time.

The Ultimate Guide to 827 Vegas Wedding Packages = Happy Brides-to-Be

So after we got home from our amazing trip from being married in Vegas, I started thinking about my own personal experience with the weeks and weeks I spent online trying to find a good wedding package for us.

I can’t imagine a Vegas Bride-to-be or a couple wanting to renew vows in Vegas having this kind of time to sort through the hundreds and hundreds of wedding options available.

So I started thinking .... wouldn't it be great to have all of the Vegas wedding packages listed in one place?!

A Comprehensive Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages that Would:

1.  Majorly cut down on online research time trying to find a wedding package

2.  Allow you to easily compare package prices and service offerings

3.  Give you the opportunity to pick the absolute best wedding package for your   budget and for your dreams

And so that’s why I created the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding in Vegas:  So brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be, of course) could get their hands on a single resource listing all of the available wedding packages and wedding vendors in Las Vegas.

 There’s a lot involved in researching each chapel, wedding coordinator, hotel/casino, venue, vendor, etc. including package pricing, package inclusions/exclusions, etc done to provide you with multiple options for the perfect wedding in Las Vegas.

In fact, it took me well over four months (yes, FOUR MONTHS!) to put together the Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding in Vegas.

But for such an important day, felt it was important to make this guide available for Brides-to-Be wanting to get married in Vegas and have an amazing time like I had.

(no materials will be shipped to you)
you'll be able to find your perfect
Vegas Wedding Package RIGHT AWAY!!

HURRY!  Now Only $47! (Reg. $99)

Without this Guide, You WILL Miss Out on the Best Wedding Packages!

Did you know that hundreds of Vegas wedding packages are not published online?!  This means that if you're relying on a Google search alone, you simply will not find the best wedding package deals!

In order to put together the most up-to-date, comprehensive guide to Vegas wedding packages, we spent months personally contacting chapels, casinos and resorts to get an accurate listing of all of the wedding packages they offer. 

You simply won't find a listing of Vegas wedding packages like this anywhere - GUARANTEED!

If you just rely on looking for wedding packages online, you're only going to see a small fraction of what's available - and it's a shame, too, because there are so many incredible wedding package deals out there that you will miss you.

Our Brides are always telling us that the "Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages" saved them hundreds of dollars and made selecting a wedding package infinitely easier. 

How?  Well firstly, Brides are able to compare our 827 wedding packages side-by-side instantly (prices and package inclusions) which makes it easier to pick the best package for your tastes and budget.

Secondly, many Brides then take this information and use it to negotiate an even better deal with wedding vendors beacuse they know exactly what the competitors are offering and can use this as leverage to get the best price possible for their wedding in Vegas.

There Are So Many Exciting Vegas Wedding Options - Not Just the "Vegas Chapel" Anymore! -

The classic "Vegas Chapel" is still a great option for a beautiful wedding in Vegas.  You'd be surprised to discover that the majority of them are actually really beautiful and have stunning grounds and outdoor ceremony locations. 

Many of the wedding coordinators do a great job putting together your special event, and you're likely to end up with some stunning photos as well. 

Besides, with all-inclusive chapel wedding prices ranging from $87 to well under a thousand, it's an awesome deal compared to what you'd spend on a traditi
onal ceremony & reception.

But getting married at a chapel isn't the only option though... You can get married in a helicopter over the Vegas Strip, have your wedding on the Grand Canyon floor or even get married at one of the beautiful casinos.
                                                                                                           Courtesy of Little Chapel of the Flowers

So ...  What Does "The Ultimate Guide To Vegas Wedding Packages" Look Like?

I know there are tons of garbage online with many websites "over-promising" yet "under-delivering"... 

I want you to know that this is not one of those websites.

I am proud of "The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages" because it is truly a valuable resource for all Brides-to-Be considering getting married in Vegas.  

I am 100% confident that you are going to get incredible value for this amazing guide, so I want you to take a look at it ahead of time before you buy. 

I've attached a sample of the guide so that you can see how detailed all of the listings are: package name, contact information, price, package details, and terms and conditions.  This is exactly how each of the 827 packages are listed in the main guide, and you can see from the free sample below just how detailed and valuable the Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages is!


Here's What Some of Our Happy Brides Are Saying About the Guide:


 "GIRLS!  Stop wasting time online and GET THIS GUIDE!  It's the fastest & easiest way to find the perfect wedding package in Vegas.  And the absolute best online resource around."

Anita K., Columbus, OH

 "I wanted to thank you so much for putting together this guide.  For our wedding in Vegas, I wanted to do something way different and memorable and I wasn't finding anything online that I liked.  After getting the guide, I found the perfect package - we ended up getting married in a helicopter over the sparkling Strip at night!  It was so unique, and so romantic!"
Jennie P.,Toronto, Canada

 "I highly recommend "The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages" to any bride looking for a memorable wedding in Vegas.  I had no idea there were even 827 wedding packages to choose from!!!  Priced right, too. Thanks!

Katie M., Belfast, Ireland

 "The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages" saved me!  With only a week to plan our wedding in Vegas, I never would have had time to sort through everything online.  Thanks to this guide, I found an adorable Vegas Chapel to get married in for way under budget.  Thank you so much!"

Tara L., Mesa, AZ

Why Get Married in Vegas?

Getting married in Vegas is easy - to get a marriage license there's no waiting period, no blood tests and no hassle.  It's no wonder over 91,890 people got married in Vegas in 2010 alone!

There’s no shortage of fantastic opportunities to tie the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada: Helicopter rides, quaint chapels, legendary Elvis ceremonies, drive-throughs, bling-bling casinos, romantic state parks … the list goes on of endless opportunities of where, and how, you can get married in Vegas.

Did you know that you can get married in a Limo while cruising the Vegas strip?  How about tying the knot on the floor of the Grand Canyon?  Or exchanging vows in a helicopter over the nighttime Vegas lights?

At one hotel resort you can even get married underwater with Mermaids!  And for those who aren’t too keen on donning scuba gear, you can have your ceremony surrounded by 1.3 million gallons of seawater and 15 species of sharks in the Shark Reef.  And of course, there’s always the classic Las Vegas chapel wedding too!


Here are Just a Sampling of the 827

Vegas Wedding Packages Available:


“Get Married Under the Las Vegas Sign” (Page 229)Say your vows under the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign and afterwards go for a tour of the World Famous Las Vegas Strip in your classic limousine.

“The Princess Bride Package”(Page 818) Get married in style!  This all-inclusive wedding & reception package for 30 guests also includes an abundance of luxurious goodies for the bride and groom including a 2-night stay in a penthouse suite, champagne bottle service, bridal up-do and makeup services, incredible professional photography, private limousine, spa and salon day passes, upscale dinner for two, and much much more!

“Custom Ceremony Package” (Page 231):

Looking for more of a private affair? 

You can have your Las Vegas wedding in your hotel suite, balcony, condo or the lush garden area/pool of your own hotel ceremony and photos done in same location with this wedding package

              Photo Courtesy of Mandalay Bay Weddings

Enchantment Wedding Package
(Page 735)- have your weddings aboard the majestic “Song Ship” on the Strip within Sirens Cove – guaranteed to be a day to remember

Photo Courtesy of Scenic Las Vegas Weddings

  “Stunning Red Rock    
   Wedding Package”
   (Page 520)
:  If you prefer
   a natural setting, Red Rock is
   nature's stunning playground
   and is located only an hour
   from the fabulous Las Vegas 

   Land that was forged under a
   shallow sea and then buried
   for eons beneath sand dunes
   is now an awe-inspiring
   desert sculpted by the winds
   and the rains, perfect
   backdrop for your wedding!

Shark Reef Ceremony (Page 608) get married surrounded by 1.3 million gallons of seawater and 15 species of sharks in one of the most stunning and elegant Strip Hotel & Casinos in Las Vegas 
Quaint Vegas Chapel Wedding
(Page 73)

 Tie the knot in classic Vegas style with this fully remodeled, gorgeous quaint Chapel that has been performing wedding ceremonies in Vegas for over 50 years! 

The $195 package includes professional photography, live internet broadcasting, unity candle ceremony, bride’s rose and a boutonniere! 
Courtesy of Chapel of the Flowers

The Pink Caddy Wedding (Page 408)
- Roll down the aisle with Elvis as you make your grand entrance in a Vintage 64 Pink Caddy convertible before Elvis performs your wedding!
Hollywood Glamor Package (Page 516) With this Strip Casino Resort exclusive package, photographs of the bride and groom will be taken in the professional portrait studio with vintage style dramatic lighting to mimic the ambiance of the 1940’s.
Ceremonia Sull' Acqua -  Ceremony Over Water  (Page 491)

Glide through the enchanting canals in a stunning white Gondola as an Officiate pronounces your husband and wife.

 Be serenaded by your private Gondolier as your professional photographer takes keepsake photos.

Photo courtesy of The Venetain

Helicopter Ceremony Over the Strip (Page 653)
- For this package you’ll depart at the twilight hour—the magical time that takes place between daylight and darkness, when there’s a soft, glowing light in the sky as the sun is sinking below the horizon. You’ll head directly to the Strip, where you’ll take your vows as the glittering lights of the Las Vegas are just beginning to come alive.

  Photo Courtesy of A Special Memory Wedding Chapel
Exchange Vows on the Grand Canyon Floor (Page 744) This experience is truly once in a lifetime! 

You’ll first be picked up at your hotel, taken to the marriage bureau and then to the heli pad where you’ll be whisked away via a private helicopter to your wedding location 4,000 feet below the rim on the floor of the Grand Canyon. 

Views along the way include the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, extinct volcanoes and much more.  You will be married on the floor of the Grand Canyon along the Colorado River.

Prefer a Drive-Through Wedding? (Page 91)
This Las Vegas Chapel has one of the most famous Drive Thru Wedding Chapels.  Get married the same world-famous Drive Thru Wedding where movies and commercials have been filmed, stars have been married and has hosted the first run thru wedding chapel for the Las Vegas Marathon!

Order Now and Get 5 BONUSES! (Valued at Over $83!)

BUT HURRY!  For a limited time, The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages and all of the bonuses below is Now Only $47! (Reg. $99)

BONUS #1: Important Questions for Your Vegas Wedding Vendor
($10 Value)

Getting married in Vegas isn’t like getting married in the same city where you live.

It’s hard to plan a wedding from afar so you’ll want to make sure that you ask all of these important questions before signing a contract!

Make sure you get all of these answers prior to making a commitment to any one particular Vegas chapel, hotel, casino or wedding planner.

BONUS #2:  Las Vegas Marriage License Details
($10 Value)

In this bonus we tell you what the marriage license requirements are, where to go to get your license and most importantly, what to do with the license afterwards!

Many couples think they can just get a marriage license, have it signed by the Officiate and witness and TA DA… are all done!
  NOT TRUE!   In Bonus #2 we tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get an official, certified copy of your Marriage Certificate. 
BONUS #3: Listing of 67 Vegas Wedding Reception Sites
($19  Value)

Want to have a reception in Vegas?

This is an awesome resource containing 67 different restaurants and reception venues along with all of the necessary contact details, capacity and other pertinent information.

Pick your favorite wedding package from our Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages and then add on a reception at one of these amazing venues!
BONUS #4: Listing of 98 All-Inclusive Ceremony & Reception Wedding Packages
($25 Value)

Looking to plan a wedding in Vegas complete with a no-hassle, all-inclusive ceremony and reception package?  Well then this report is for you!  Featuring a listing of 98 All-Inclusive Ceremony & Reception Vegas Wedding Packages (contact information, full package details, and pricing).  Whether you’re going to have a handful of guests or a roomful, this special report lists all of the various Vegas wedding chapels, casinos, hotels and resorts that offer an easy, ceremony and reception option for brides-to-be!
BONUS #5: Listing of 31 Renewal of Vows Packages in Vegas
($19 Value)

Want to renew your vows in Vegas?

This special report lists 31 Vegas Renewal of Vows Packages (contact information, package details, and pricing) specially designed for couples wanting to renew their vows in Las Vegas.

Packages start at only $40!

This is an awesome resource for those of you looking for an excuse to visit Vegas, perhaps for your first year wedding anniversary?


 "Thank you, THANK YOU!  This guide literally saved me days worth of work!  We knew we wanted to get married at one of the big casinos but we had no idea which one and there's just so much stuff online to sort through and try and compare.  Within 10 minutes of getting your guide, I found and booked the perfect wedding package! 
Sarah B., Colorado Springs

Order Your Copy of The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages

For ONLY $47 for a Limited Time

Our Brides have told us that a comprehensive guide like this is worth hundreds, especially when you consider all of the time and money you'll save by being able to access all of the Vegas wedding packages right away and all in one place!

Brides routinely tell us that using this guide has saved them hundreds of dollars by simply comparing all of the available wedding packages side-by-side AND by being able to negotiate with wedding vendors because they're armed with the information about what competitors are offering.

So what's the price of the Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages?

Only a one-time charge of $47 .... less than the cost of a dinner for two!

I know, it's crazy to offer this guide (over 868 PAGES!) for such a low price but as a former Bride myself, I know that you need to save up for your wedding!!!

Plus, as if this super low price wasn't enough, I'm also offering you a 100% Risk-Free, Money-back guarantee! 

A deal like this won't last forever, so make sure you get your copy today!

Thanks again for taking the time to visit my site and Congratulations again on getting engaged!


Les Tyler, Happy Vegas Bride in 2010

The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages is
100% Risk-Free!

The best thing about ordering The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages is that your purchase is 100% Risk-Free!

We use Clickbank to process your payment information so that your privacy and protection is assured when ordering online.

The price is a one-time charge of only $47... you will never be billed again and the guide and all of the bonuses are yours to keep forever!

The guide is available as an instant-download so you'll be able to access all of the information right away immediately after ordering!  Our Brides love to get the guide right away and love that there's no waiting for materials in the mail!

I'm so confident you'll be absolutely 100% excited and completely satisfied with The Ultimate Guide to Vegas Wedding Packages that I'm giving you a full 60 Day, 100% The best Money Back Guarantee! 

GET YOUR COPY NOW! Only $47! (Reg. $99)

Questions?  We'd be happy to help!  Please contact us at

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